Please see the most asked about questions below. If your question is not listed, please call 1-866-633-4882.

How does the water tight door work?

The Meditub water tight door seal system forms a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door. Additionally, the weight of water inside the tub further compresses the door seal making it completely leak proof. Meditub guarantees the door seal for life.

Can a walk-in bathtub also be used as a shower?

Yes! Our Roman tub faucet set comes with a hand-held shower head which mounts onto the deck of the tub. If you choose, the hand held shower head can easily be mounted on the wall, giving you one more reason to love your walk-in bathtub!

How is the walk-in bathtub installed into my existing bathroom?

The installation is very easy. You don’t need to remodel your bathroom since our tubs fits into a traditional 60 inch tub space. Selected models include an extension kit to perfectly complete a retro installation. Our tubs come in both right hand and left hand models to accommodate any bathroom layout.

Is there anything installer needs to know before our tub is delivered?

The installer will need one dedicated 20 amp circuit on a GFI. Complete installation instructions and a Product Manual are provided with each purchase.

Is there a warranty with my Meditub’s walk-in bathtub?

Meditub walk-in bathtubs are covered by our 10 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help with all aspects of your walk-in bathtub, even years after your purchase! In addition to your 10 year limited warranty, you also have a LIFETIME guarantee on the seal of your door. We proudly stand behind our high quality product, and any problem is professionally handled by our customer service department.

What is the price of a Meditub?

The pricing of our tubs vary by model. Contact your local dealer for more information on pricing.

From what material is Meditub made of?

Meditub is made of the highest quality fiberglass.

Where can Meditub be purchased?

Meditub is currently in the process of establishing a dealer network across North America. Call us to see if there is a dealer near you.

Does your tub come with a whirlpool system?

Yes, we offer air, hydro and dual systems. Please contact Meditub to find out more.

I live in the U.S. How can I order the bath and how will it be delivered?

Contact a dealer near you, see the tub and purchase it through your local dealer.

What are the dimensions of Meditub?

The Baths come in a variety of different sizes. To find out more about our tubs, please call us, visit a local dealer, or go to our Products page

Can the Meditub be ordered with a right or left door swing?

Yes, you may choose either the right or left door option. Please let us know this information before making a purchase.

Where can the bathtub be installed?

Meditub can be used as a replacement for your regular bathtub. It can also be installed in a spare room, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

How is the plumbing hookup done for Meditub?

Meditub plumbing is hooked up from below just as a regular bathtub.

What maintenance is required?

Cleaning and maintenance is the same as your regular bathtub. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS.

In what colors are the tubs available?

We offer our tubs in both a white and biscuit color. Custom colors are available upon request.