Meditub™ Headrest Pillow

Sit back and fully relax your body and enjoy your bathing experience with this comfortable walk-in bathtub pillow. This pillow is mounted on the head rest area of a walk-in bathtub. Ergonomic shape will ensure comfort and stability. Walk-in tub pillow comes in different shapes, depending on the walk in tub model that you chose. Make sure to speak to our walk in tubs professionals before making you purchase. Note that some of the models may require magnetic pillow mounting, which means that it will come with suction cup. We carry large quantities different pillow models and shapes.

The idea of installing a custom cushion on a walk-in tub came from popular spa and jetted tub brands that equipped their products with all kinds of luxury and comfort accessories. Pillows became popular because of the high level of comfort they provide. Pillows are very easy to install and maintain. Don’t worry about puncturing your pillow or constantly inflating it with air.


Meditub™ Conforms to Following Standards:
ANSI Z. 124.1 – ASME A.112.19.7